Awais Imran

I'm a product designer, writer and Pakistani design community leader. 

I recently left my $200K+/year Senior Product Designer role at Motive to go on an extended creative sabbatical.

By the end of 2022, I was completely exhausted after reaching the top of my First Mountain. I had accomplished your typical hustlebro goals like starting multiple successful online ventures, moving to and working in Silicon Valley, making good money, becoming a senior designer and manager, building a wide network and more. But in doing so, I had burned out.

Now, as I recover from burnout through fun side projects, meeting new people, and generally reigniting a sense of wonder/play, I'm developing a vision for my Second Mountain. I am working towards a grander goal that is centered beyond "me." Think: more community, climate, and charity. 

Just like its owner, this website is a WIP. I'll set up a blog soon so this website can become my permanent home on the internet.

Meanwhile, if you want to chat you can email

See you around.