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Hey, I’m Awais. I'm a founder turned product designer with a background in software engineering. I have 8+ years of design experience (specializing in B2B), with 2 years as a manager. Before I went all in on design, I studied software engineering in college and co-founded Pakistan's largest online mobile store (later backed by Peter Thiel). I am also global leader of the Pakistani design community through the UXDP platform (10K+ members).

I’ve shared work highlights below. Please ping me@awaisimran.com for a detailed walkthrough.


Making American Roads Safer at Motive

Motive builds AI-powered software + hardware solutions for the logistics industry. From 2019–2023, I designed for the Safety 2.0 suite which helped fleets reduce accidents, reduce insurance costs, and increase profitability. This was a major new zero-to-one initiative at the company to win large fleets.

I led core experiences, many iterations, and contributed to the long-term design vision — in close collaboration with Jadam Kahn (VP Design, former Uber Design Director). My work was frequently raved about by customers and senior leadership, prominently featured across sales and marketing, and contributed to Safety’s growth from $0 to $90M ARR.


Designing a Modern UX for Reviewing and Acting on Unsafe Driving Events

Paired with our AI Dashcam and the AI Omnicam for 360° views — the Events UX enabled fleet managers and drivers to review and act on unsafe driving events. Fleet managers would spend up to an hour everyday reviewing these videos and building coaching programs for drivers, so a great UX was core to Motive’s push into AI-powered safety solutions for larger fleets. Our MVP UX couldn’t scale with our cutting-edge computer vision tech, and the competition was ahead of us.

I led the overhaul, many subsequent iterations, and future vision of Events. I made significant contributions to the Motive Design Platform as a natural result of designing tentpole Safety features with all net new UI — which helped significantly speed up and raise the work quality of my design colleagues.


Providing Fleets 360° Insights Into Their Safety Program


As we added more functionality to the Safety suite, customers needed a way to get the big picture on driver performance.

I co-designed the Safety Hub to deliver 360° coverage of all things safety. It showed your safety score, trends, breakdowns by driver and event type, plus shortcuts to key workflows in the Action Center. I had a particularly fun time making the onboarding illustrations.

In collaboration with Jonathan Brockett.


Pulling Video Remotely From AI Dashcams on the Road

While our AI Dashcam detected and uploaded videos for a wide variety of unsafe behavior, fleet managers needed a way to pull video on-demand. The Request Video UX was our answer. It offered a map + timeline-based view to request short videos (when you know what you want) or longer timelapses (when you need to search first).

In collaboration with Naveed Qasim.


Crowdsourcing Accurate Speed Limits Across US and Canada


Motive’s customers wanted more accurate speed limit data to track unsafe drivers better. I designed a map-based crowdsourcing tool that leveraged the collective knowledge of our customers to improve speed limits for everyone.


Helping Designers Do Better Work, Faster at Motive

I made significant contributions to the Motive Design Platform as a natural result of designing tentpole features — helping fellow designers at Motive go faster while maintaining a high quality bar. Platform work included Filters and Sorts, Dashboards, List Views, Detail Pages, Safety Iconography and more. I frequently collaborated with engineers (leveraging the Ant UI library) to translate our design vision into reality with the highest finesse.

In collaboration with Zain, Naveed, and Jonathan.


Leading Designers at Motive and Creditbook


I’ve built and led teams in some capacity for most of my career.

At Motive, I directly hired 10+ designers leveraging my community leadership and personal brand. For 2018–2019, I managed a team of 5 designers as a Product Design Manager for the Pakistan team. I helped bridge gaps with our SF HQ, and established a thriving and productive team culture (quantified through workplace surveys).

At Creditbook in 2023, I supercharged the speed and quality of the design team by working closely with each designer 1:1, establishing a structured weekly cadence with product and engineering, and coaching the Head of Design as a Design Advisor.

I also work directly with US-based startups to find the best product and design talent in Pakistan. I’ve placed close to 10 people since I started in 2023.


Establishing and Leading UX Research at Motive 

I established and led UX Research at Motive. Throughout my time there, I was the goto person for product managers and designers for developing research plans, synthesizing findings, and presenting them to executive leadership. Among many other studies, I conducted a 39-participant pricing study (using Van Westendorp's Price Sensitivity Meter) that contributed to a 35% increase in new customer revenue (worth USD tens of millions).


Leading The Global Pakistani Design CommunityUXDP

I founded UXDP in 2016 — the largest, most active design community in Pakistan with 10K+ members. UXDP brings together all Pakistani designers on a single platform. I curated the forum, led growth, managed a job board and talent network, ran salary surveys, hosted many events, delivered talks at big events, wrote dozens of articles and more as a leader of the global Pakistani design community. Today, the forum is managed by Arsalan Khatri.


Building Pakistan's Largest Mobile Phone Marketplace — PriceOye

I co-founded Priceoye with Adnan and Adeel Shaffi in 2015. Initially launched as a price comparison website, Priceoye later pivoted to an online marketplace. It is now the single largest seller of mobile phones in Pakistan, and second largest online store overall.

Between 2015–2017, I led one key result: growing monthly visitors from 0 to 1 million in just under 2 years on a $0 budget leveraging SEO and content marketing. I also designed the MVP, drove the v1 brand design, and more.

Last updated March 2024