Awais Imran

On the lookout for exciting challenges to push my comfort zone...

Growth Engineer at Jumpshare by day, Internet entrepreneur by night! Occasional public speaker, and freelance designer.

Jumpshare (icon) is where I am currently working. Our goal is to expand the product to more platforms. ShotDrop (icon) is a Dropbox-powered fast screenshot sharing utility for Android. Unique Agribusiness (icon)'s website was designed by yours truly using Bootstrap. It was my first ever 'real-world' project!

Design & Development

I am currently working with Pakistan's hottest file-sharing startup - Jumpshare. Principally, I implement proven growth hacks and experiment with innovative methods to rapidly grow userbase, while keeping current users engaged. Growth Engineering also involves product design & development, and product evangelism.

I designed ShotDrop (Android) - a one of a kind screenshot utility. It received 50,000+ downloads in first six months of its launch. My Google Chrome theme 'Faisal Mosque' has 300+ active users.

I have successfully delivered numerous freelance web design & development projects, too.

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Blogging & Internet Entrepreneurship

I have been writing professionally for well over five years. From sharing my personal experiences, and managing a team of writers on artsyHANDS, to writing news, and views on the latest and greatest software, hardware from the biggest technology companies in the world at Redmond Pie, and AddictiveTips. My work has also been featured on The Express Tribune, as well as Dawn.

In 2014-15, I co-founded a technology blog focused on Apple products, and related apps, tips, and tricks. Cupertino Times was later acquired by a US-based firm less than eight months after its launch.

I'm currently leading Windows Clan, focusing on Windows tips & tricks.

In addition, I am the co-founder of - a price comparison startup which helps Pakistanis make great buying decisions.

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