Awais Imran

Awais Imran is an Internet entrepreneur, UX consultant, writer and speaker. logo CupertinoTimes website logo Windows Clan website logo

Internet Entrepreneurship

I am the co-founder of — Pakistan's leading price comparison startup.

In 2014-2016, I co-founded technology blogs Cupertino Times and Windows Clan. Both were acquired by international publishers.

I'm leading UX Design in Pakistan — an online community of designers and design enthusiasts. Jumpshare (icon) I worked at Arbisoft as a User Experience Designer for their ListenTool team

User Experience Design

I curate UX Design in Pakistan — a popular design community.

I also moonlight as a user experience consultant in collaboration with leading designers in Pakistan.

I was previously a user experience designer for Arbisoft, where I led user-centered design efforts for ListenTool. I left Arbisoft to work full-time on my price comparison startup.

Before that, I worked as a growth engineer for Jumpshare.

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