Awais Imran

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Internet Entrepreneurship

I am the co-founder of - Pakistan's leading price comparison startup which helps consumers find lowest prices for mobile phones sold online.

In 2014-2016, I co-founded technology blogs Cupertino Times and Windows Clan. Both were acquired by international publishers.

Jumpshare (icon) is where I am currently working. Our goal is to expand the product to more platforms. ShotDrop (icon) is a Dropbox-powered fast screenshot sharing utility for Android. Unique Agribusiness (icon)'s website was designed by yours truly using Bootstrap. It was my first ever 'real-world' project!

User Experience Design

In addition to my work at PriceOye, I moonlight as a UX consultant for various brands to improve their user experience while boosting key business metrics.

I was a User Experience Designer for Arbisoft, where I led user-centered design efforts for ListenTool - a continuous feedback product for businesses big and small. I left Arbisoft to work full-time on my price comparison startup.

I previously worked with Pakistan's hottest file-sharing startup - Jumpshare. I implemented proven growth hacks and experimented with innovative methods to rapidly grow their userbase, while keeping current users engaged. I also worked directly with the company founder in various marketing-related initiatives including product launches, guest blogging, and more.

Awais Imran speaking at TEDxDamaneKoh

Writing & Public Speaking

I love sharing insights on design, personal growth, entrepreneurship and more through writing and public speaking. My work has been featured on The Express Tribune, Dawn, MIT Technology Review PK, Tech in Asia, Tech Juice and many more.

I've also spoken at Google and TED community events, and universities all over Pakistan including FAST, NUST, LUMS, Bahria University and more:

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