Khushnood Qadir
Design Leader

We brought Awais on board for his great UX talent, as well as his cultural leadership abilities. He has been wildly instrumental in executing end-to-end product design on key features that have generated tremendous revenue, while also leading his peers in establishing a healthy team culture, as well as enforcing refined design processes. Glad to have him on board.


Tashfeen Ahmed
Product Designer

Awais is one of those rare leaders who have an ability to lead with compassion. He is an expert at problem solving, UX design, research, community engagement and speaks up for what is fair. Not only is he joy to work with, but he brings so many assets to his team that any organization will thrive with his presence.


Muhammad Uzair
Product Designer

Awais takes time to create a personal connection with UXDP members and brings the community together over ideas, mentoring and projects. I have learned a great deal from other professionals who work in related design disciplines whom I would have never met had it not been for UXDP and Awais’s excellent community building skills.


Ghaus Nakodari

With his powerful product and people skills, Awais would be a rockstar asset to any organization. His knowledge of product, and data-savvy nature are unique attributes, especially when combined with his exceptional communication skills.


Chris Morgan

The test of a great professional is whether they demonstrate cerebral horsepower, technical know-how and charm. Awais has them all. Highly recommended.

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